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bringtherock's Journal

Rock N' Roll
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We have been away, but the rock returns. bitch.

I beg of you please dont confuse this community with that of the piece of shit MTV show "All Things Rock". For one, those walking poster boys for birth control from Good Charlotte arent anywhere near this community.

First off, before anything else, if ANYONE starts talkin about some pussy ass emo band, they WILL be ejected from the community. Right on your ass you will go.

If anyone starts talkin about Chris Crapalapa from Dashboard Cumfessionals, or Conor "im so sad but the chicks dig me" Oberst from Bright Eyes, not only will you get booted from the community, but I will find you and give you a stern ass whompin.

This community is for those few people left in the world who remember what rock n roll is all about. rockin out to the coolest music, not worryin about being part of a scene, and just havin an awesome ass time.


1. NO EMO! Life aint that bad, get over it ya little bitch

I guess thats the only rule, aside from respect one another. If you have anything you want added to the interests, just let me know, you are part of this community too.

moderator - decahedron