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very very good news guys

this is truly amazing... u no mudvaynes new album "lost and found"? theyve been gettin a lot of air play with their song "happy?" off of it where i am. anyways... if u go to this link: http://www.billboard.com/bb/charts/bb200.jsp u will c that it is #2 on the best selling albums in the entire fricken country (usa of course) now i no mudvayne has some haters and im not exactly the biggest fan, but i like them... but being an alternative metal band and doing this is simply amazing... they definitely deserve some credit 4 this bcuz all the rest of the stuff there is total shit. seeing a rock band getting 2 #2 is truly great and maybe this will show those fucking idiots on MTV that america has a very large number of rockers that they simply ignore almost all the time.
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